Wwoofers are Willing Workers on (mostly) Organic Farms. Travellers from all over the world wanting to have real life experiences with real people on real farms.

Wwoofers swap their time and energy for a place to stay and some good food. We love meeting people from all over the world, and sharing this amazing space.

It’s a great exchange. We became Wwoofer hosts in 2014 and it’s been fantastic. Having built the mud brick art studio ourselves, we realised two things…

1. It’s an awesome experience and one we want to share

2. It’s bloody hard work and help would be very much appreciated.

Enter WWOOFERS!  For more information on Wwoofing.. please go to http://www.wwoof.com.au/ 

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION… please stay tuned as we have sooooo many wonderful pictures and stories from wwoofers past and present to be added here.

20150312_074115 Julie and Marian… from France


Wwoofing at Chittering Acres