New building project starting March 2015

March 3, 2015

The water in the dam is as low as it’s going to get so we started digging out the mud left in the bottom.

IMAG1616 IMAG1618 IMAG1619 IMAG1621 IMAG1622


April 2, 2015.

We’ve been making mudbricks for the past week. We now have 900 under cover in the shed and another 300 odd drying in the paddock.


Making mudbricks

We’ve also been digging and sifting dry mud and bagging it up for use as mortar.

April 11, 2015

Despite intermittent rain for the past 5 days we now have 1388 mudbricks under cover.

Mudbricks drying in shed

About 120 bags of mortar,

Mortar store


April 27, 2015.

We have now officially finished the mudbrick production for this project.

Last of the mudbricks

We have 2150 mudbricks and about 200 bags of mortar sifted.

AND the council has granted us planning approval!!!!!


August 2016

Life has been very busy for the past year. A lot of projects have intervened in the Ecostay timeline. However the project has not been forgotten.

Another of the building materials we will use in the construction (and finishing) will be timber. And, like the mudbricks we will use the raw materials we have on hand and make what we need.

To that end we have constructed a sawmill mostly using recycled parts scavenged from our treasure (junk) pile.

SawMill test run New timber Stored in the shed Detail 1 Side1a


So we are now well on our way to having all the timber we require for the build.

It’s amazing to see what is inside these old logs lying on ground rotting away over decades.

September 2016

All the timber has been milled now. 300mm wide slabs for the stairs, 250mm wide door frames and lintels, big load bearing beams and other structural members.

imag3015  imag3023